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If the telephone line to your customers monitored alarm system is cut, so is the connection to the central station. Thieves unfortunately are aware of this and have learned to cut the phone line before entering a protected premise. Uplink can secure your customers system with a digital cellular link that communicates with Monitoring Partners even if the phone line is cut or disabled. Communications are sent over a secured data channel of the cellular network so there are no busy lines or dropped calls.

The Uplink transceiver typically transmits alarms in less than one second, versus the four to five seconds it takes for a phone line to dial the central station, dramatically reducing the time a professional thief has to disable an alarm panel. The Uplink Model 1500 Universal Alarm Transceiver is a digital cellular communicator designed to connect to any existing alarm panel for the purpose of providing wireless alarm transmissions. The device is intended to utilize Uplink’s alarm transmission service, which provides secondary alarm reporting path.


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