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Provides home and business owners with hands-free communication with the central station in the event of an emergency or alarm activation. The benefits to the customer, central station and the proper authorities are immeasurable.

In the event of a fire if a family member were trapped inside the home the central station can provide the exact location and condition of the person trapped.

In a medical emergency simply push the panic button and you can immediately talk directly to the central station operator.

If a home or business is broken into while they are away the central station operator is immediately on line announcing that the authorities have been notified further increasing the chances that the criminals will flee.

If the home is broken into while they are at home they can immediately communicate with the central station allowing them to hear what is taking place. Knowing that the central station is listening, the customer can then carefully inform them of their situation. The operator can then relay that information directly to the police who will already be enroute.

Two-Way Voice is another way to cut down on the false alarm situation by confirming and verifying the alarm.

One microphone can normally cover up to 2500 square feet and cannot be activated without an alarm signal being sent to the central station.

Itís an easy up sell and gives your customer that added level of piece of mind.

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